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Comments and responses

Dear spectators, I am very pleased that you make comments.

Some of them are mailed, the others may be found at various internet sites.

If you want to share your impressions, drop a line. I will be really glad.

Sincerely yours, Vasiliy Kleymenov

 January 14, 2007

 Valery Grigorievich

Dear Vasiliy, My wife and I saw your spectacular yesterday’s concert in the House of Scientists. This is unforgettable. The energy and eloquent performance of the troupe and each of the lead dancers work miracles. I am absolutely delighted and happy! I think that yesterday you bestowed happiness on the audience at large, not only on me. You are great artists! Thank you very much and many thanks to your brilliant partners for a devoted New Year present you gave to us! Today I have found your Theater’s site, printed it out and will show to my wife. I used to be in Spain. The flamenco groups I saw there were probably not the best ones. Anyway, you outperform them by the explosiveness of your performance, the variety and techniques of your dancing. The concert program is well designed. We are proud of your.

I wish success to you and your family, colleagues and students, as well as happiness, health and good luck.

Sincerely, Valery Grigorievich

PS I have never written such letters, but I have never experienced such pleasure from concerts either. 


December 1, 2006


We saw your performance in March 2006. Fantastic! Beautiful costumes and runaway energy! You also performed gypsy dances and songs. Bravo! I would strongly recommend that amateurs of flamenco and gypsy dances attend your performances.


November 23, 2005


Spectacular! Thanks! The audience raved, as the spirit of flamenco had won them, leaving nobody indifferent and encouraging the audience to join the performance by clapping, exclaiming, dancing and moving shoulders. The demon of flamenco took them all, like it should be.



I am sharing my impressions about the concert given by Vasiliy Kleymenov’s Flamenco Theater which I attended this Saturday. This is something! I liked it very much. Brilliant artists! Flamenco rhythm is felt in the beatings of their hearts. The main impression is that this is a dance of strong, passionate, independent, assured women capable of giving way to their emotions. Kleymenov is very charismatic, conspicuous and attractive. He resembles Al Pacino in the Devil’s Advocate and a gypsy baron at the same time (he is gypsy), a kind of gypsy Mephistopheles, very hot, passionate and emotional. Although, he is apparently at 55-60 and it is hard for him to follow that mad tempo. His wife Inez Kleymenova also riveted attention, a vamp woman, a kind of liberty at barricades. Looking at her one gets a clear message of the sexuality and passion in a mature woman (she is probably 45). She has so much of what I would call “the woman’s stamina”, much more than in other, much younger dancers. All of them are incredibly in love with their arts and dance devotedly, like it was their last dance. The troupe is very consistent and at the same time free and easy. They also sing Spanish, Gypsy and Russian songs. Vasiliy Kleymenov has a remarkably young and strong voice. His wife has a spellbinding, chesty and deep voice. This mere voice is seductive. All told, I am absolutely delighted!


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